kat jones

Kat Jones is an international songwriter, singer, and performance artist hailing from Nashville, TN.  She focuses on themes of an apocalyptic nature, weaving her five-octave vocal range into a cross between flamenco, punk rock, and opera. She encourages her audiences to engage with her in a variety of performance spaces from theaters to art galleries, house shows to concert venues.

Aside from touring as a solo artist, with her band (Kat Jones and The Prophets) as well as collaborator and cellist, Joshua Dent, her most recent project is a theatrical work called Dear Apocalypse which explores themes of trauma and what it looks like to overcome and survive them.  She collaborated with Rebekah Hampton Barger of FALL to develop this work with production support from abrasiveMedia, and is looking forward to turning it into a touring production.  

In 2014 she was invited by abrasiveMedia to become a resident artist and Director of Community Development in Experimental Music.  She spends much of her time connecting artists on the fringes of the Nashville artistic community together for purposes of communication and collaboration.   


kat jones & the prophets

Kat Jones and The Prophets have spent years developing a crystalline cacophony of sound.  Their newest project, THE EYE // THE STORM, transforms the tale of the end of the world from the breaking of the earth to the breaking of your own heart.  This 5-piece band presents a flamenco-infused punk rock soundtrack as the world turns or burns.


Vocals, Guitar / KAT JONES



Cello and Collaborator on "Silence" the Live Project / JOSHUA DENT

Joshua Dent began playing cello at the age of fourteen in Kissimmee, Florida. At the age of sixteen he began learning how to improvise and exploring genres outside of the classical umbrella of music. Towards the end of his studies at Florida State University, he decided that it was best to pursue music by learning in the professional world in new ways. Since then, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he currently resides. His career is always changing; currently, his work ranges from playing in chamber music groups, vaudeville style bands, rock groups, and jazz ensembles, playing with singer/songwriters, experimental punk artists, and in recording studios for various genres of music, to teaching improvisation workshops to cello studios around the country. With an active and fruitful career, he travels around the United States, Canada, and various locations in Europe playing in various genres of music, spending much of the year away from his home.