OCTOBER 20-22, 2017




Who are the ghosts who haunt our city, insisting their stories be told? Inspired by the nation's deadliest passenger train crash at Dutchman's Curve in Richland Creek, HAUNTED is a Southern Gothic site-responsive collaboration which will echo with voices once silenced by prejudice and injustice, voices buried in Nashville’s nearly-forgotten history.   


Produced and directed by Jessika Malone (Actors Bridge Associate Artistic Director) and featuring contributions from Nashville’s experimental performance leaders Tony Youngblood (Modular Art Pods @ Oz Arts), Audra Almond-Harvey (abrasiveMedia), Rebekah Hampton Barger (FALL), and Kara McLeland (Musicologist), this world-premiere will feature original music, dance, and immersive art installations with environment design by Mitch Massaro (1220 Exhibits / Actors Bridge Technical Director) and contributions fromNashville’s premiere visual and performing artists.  


HAUNTED will reincarnate silenced ghosts from Nashville's past and give them the voice they were denied. The only question is: how well have you buried your ghosts?




AUGUST 5 & 6, 2016

DEAR APOCALYPSE is an evening-length live theatrical production that is a meditation on traumatic life experiences – our own personal “apocalypses” – which was originally presented during the Sideshow Fringe Festival in Nashville, TN on August 5 & 6, 2016. The show is the result of an eight-month artistic collaboration between Rebekah Hampton Barger, founder & artistic director of contemporary aerial dance company FALL, and Kat Jones of Kat Jones & The Prophets.

Nearly everyone has experienced a personal “end of the world” in some form. The cast will draw from their own experiences as they present Dear Apocalypse, telling the true story that beautiful things can come from ugly experiences through their individual art forms. The heart of this show is a story of survival, discovering hope for the future, and building community in trying times.

Kat Jones & The Prophets presented music from their forthcoming concept album “I Am Warm Young Blood” (Expected Release 2018) which showcases their flamenco-infused punk rock stylings as the musical foundation for the work. The dancers of FALL provided visual interpretation, with choreography & staging by Rebekah Hampton Barger, alongside original poetry written and performed by Audra Almond-Harvey & Tavius Marshall.

To request a reprise of this work or negotiate a performance of "Dear Apocalypse" in your city, please emailSuzanne Greenhill: greenhillpromotions at gmail dot com



“We knew we wanted ‘Dear Apocalypse’ to be a full, interdisciplinary experience,” Barger says. “The poets almost serve as a Shakespearean chorus, guiding the emotional arc of the piece. But it’s also very abstract, so audience members can place themselves at the center of it.” - THE TENNESSEAN


Dark Horse


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The duo known as Gold Wolf Galaxy consists of two amazing badasses, Spenser and Johnny Roger. Spencer was born in the electronic world. Johnny Roger was born in the metal world. Together, they make music that sounds like Blondie jamming with Mastodon and Justice while Goldfrapp mixes cocktails onboard a disco-party-battleship in outer space. And everybody is dancing. And everybody looks like David Bowie. And everybody is thinking of lip gloss and laser beams.

**Kat Jones was brought on as a collaborator for three of their songs (Dark Horse being the most celebrated of the collaboration.  There is some question floating around about whether or not a certain pop singer's producers mined this song for inspiration).  Two of the songs from this fellowship are featured on their last full length, Self Titled album.