DEAR APOCALYPSE is an evening-length live theatrical production that is a meditation on traumatic life experiences – our own personal “apocalypses” – which was originally presented during the Sideshow Fringe Festival in Nashville, TN on August 5 & 6, 2016. The show is the result of an eight-month artistic collaboration between Rebekah Hampton Barger, founder & artistic director of contemporary aerial dance company FALL, and Kat Jones of Kat Jones & The Prophets.

Nearly everyone has experienced a personal “end of the world” in some form. The cast will draw from their own experiences as they present Dear Apocalypse, telling the true story that beautiful things can come from ugly experiences through their individual art forms. The heart of this show is a story of survival, discovering hope for the future, and building community in trying times.

Kat Jones & The Prophets presented music from their forthcoming concept album “I Am Warm Young Blood” (Expected Release 2018) which showcases their flamenco-infused punk rock stylings as the musical foundation for the work. The dancers of FALL provided visual interpretation, with choreography & staging by Rebekah Hampton Barger, alongside original poetry written and performed by Audra Almond-Harvey & Tavius Marshall.

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“We knew we wanted ‘Dear Apocalypse’ to be a full, interdisciplinary experience,” Barger says. “The poets almost serve as a Shakespearean chorus, guiding the emotional arc of the piece. But it’s also very abstract, so audience members can place themselves at the center of it.” - THE TENNESSEAN