Kat Jones Poster Design Contest!!

Archive:  August 11, 2009

Hey everyone!  I have decided to have a poster design contest for the upcoming midwest and northwest tour.  It’s going to be called the “Without A Sound” tour in support of the new e.p.  So if you’re interested in designing something for it I will put the candidates up here, on myspace, and facebook and put it to a vote.  This will be a very short contest so if you’re interested in entering please submit your ideas via http://www.myspace.com/katjones .  There are examples of the past tour posters on myspace and facebook also.  Yay!  let the contest begin!

OH!  the winner will get a free copy of “Without A Sound” 🙂 and credit on all my websites.


As requested:  Text for the Poster should read:  “Kat Jones.  Without A Sound.  Summer Tour 2009” or something like that business 🙂  Love you!