A Quick Jot

Archive:  November 6, 2010
Whitney leaves for California tomorrow and my sleep schedule is so messed up that I had to make a promise to awake by 10 a.m. so that we could go out and get breakfast and then relax our little butts off before she went back to Los Angeles.  It is true.  Our goal for her in this few days was to relax and I’m not sure we’ve done such a great job.  I think I might have become so used to entertaining my mom while she was here (it used to drive me crazy because when my mother and I were in Europe together she would never stop to experience the city.  We had to leave Brussels by 11a.m to make sure we made it to Thierstien Shluss.  We had to leave Theirstien Sluss by 12:30 a.m. the next day to make it in time to Zurich, we had to leave Zurich the next day to make it in time to Paris… etc. etc.  It created levels of frustration within me I didn’t think were possible) and so I’ve been running Whitney ragged.   Tomorrow the goal is breakfast by 11a.m. with the promise of nothing but getting her some crappy decaf coffee from Cracker Barrel before she gets on the plane to Los Angeles.  And I am happy to oblige.