A 2,000% Spike In My Blog Readership – Holy Crap | Kat Jones & The Prophets

Archive:  December 8, 2010
For some reason I am giggling as I write this.  I also yelled out, “Holy Shit Storm!” when I saw the numbers.  But I have had a very strange 3,000% Spike in my readership since I STOPPED the writing challenge.  I have only made one single entry since that fated day but it has happened none-the-less.  What could explain this crazy spike in readership?  Well, apparently the image I selected for She-Ra on my Jem & The Holograms Halloween war over 2 months ago is the number 4 image for Google Images.  You click on that puppy and it automatically re-directs you to my blog.  Which is crazytown right?  I mean – FULLY CRAZYTOWN.


How to capitalize from this situation?  Well, I am going to offer you wonderful people some free downloads, that’s how.  I am loading them onto Bandcamp right now… as I type these words.  I am going to put links on that stupid Jem rant and I am going to give you the links as well.  Do you know what this means?  Free Christmas music.  That’s what.  Consider it my gift to you.  I am also going to give you guys some live music to listen to on that site.  Even if it takes me all night (and hopefully it won’t.  I have to wake up early)… you people are getting free music.  🙂

Alright… 2 weeks later and it’s all loaded up… Who knows why it’s so hard to load wav files onto the internet.  I have the last 2 ep’s available for download for you up there.  Some of it is free… some of it is name your own price… and some of it is $1.  You can also order “He’s the One I Need The Most” as a hard copy (limited edition of 250 – only a few left.  I am definitely going to sell out this year) and Without A Sound (only a few left of those out of 250 as well).  So I’d get your copies while I can.  I won’t be reprinting those.

Dear God please let me have a new album out soon… because almost all my cds are unavailable even to me.  And thusly she spake… and the Lord said… Wait?


Merry Christmas… one and all.  🙂


Tour dates posted later this week.