The Lamp Is Growing Dim But The Future Is Clear As Day

July 15, 2010
I always feel like the sun burns hotter in the suburbs.  Something about the shade of asphalt in the streets and the uniform color and shape of the houses that line the blocks for miles makes me feel like my eyes are failing me.  The particular suburb where I am staying this week has beautiful rolling hills, deadly quiet streets, and a view of grain silos from the hillside as though they were skyscrapers touching the clouds on the horizon.


I have moved out of my home and am living a sort of vagrant lifestyle at present.  With a huge step coming up in the future it may be a while before I see another grain silo.  I have picked up a new booking agent, am going into the studio next month, and more that I do not yet have the freedom to talk about that… but all those changes I sensed were in the future are here.  They are present.  I know what many of them are and I am no longer guessing at what they may be any longer.

I found myself catching up with punk rock duo Destroy Nate Allen last week.  Nate and Tessa Allen were performing at a music festival and asked me to guitar tech for them.  I stood on the outside of a circle of 5,000 people, trying to rush the gear that they needed backward and forward through the mass that surrounded them, “Excuse me.  I have a delivery for Nate,”  “Excuse me, I need to get to the front, ”  “Nate needs this guys.  Sorry.”  I would pass off the various and sundry items that the band required, I packed up their gear after the show, and then shortly afterward headed back into Nashville.  But not without having the vision for the next season of my life utterly shaken by several of the friends that I ran into at the festival.

I know that I have been quiet artistically for the last few months.  To be honest I was trying to figure out what in the crap was going on for me.  I think I know… and in the next few weeks you will have a better vision of that as I understand more clearly what is going on.

Until then you can just call me a big tease.