The Quickest and the Quietest of Quicksands

My website has needed an update for months now.  I don’t know why but words have not been coming as they have in the past.  I suspect that the year and a half of homelessness has converted into a tired mind and words will slowly reappear as I root myself more deeply in the city.  For now, I will let others say it for me.  Like Scott Walker.  I love this man:


It will likely work better if you ignore the photos playing.  It’s such a lyrical song that I feel the pictures playing on this YouTube video will distract you from how beautiful this song truly is.  And clocking in somewhere around 1:50 I have to say he’s a genius in saying everything he sets out to in just a few lines.  It’s truly gorgeous grey weather walking music.  This song is off of Scott Walker 4 and is available on I-Tunes in case you fall in love and suddenly acquire the need to own this peace of gorgeous art.

I would like to say more.  But for now, I haven’t really anything to say… So here’s another Scott Walker song…


Halloween was fun.  It was filled with a lot of busy little pieces of life:  job interviews to help pay for my off-tour winter, helping my friend Elise with a project, escorting teenagers through the madness of Halloween, and yesterday I was lucky enough to play a show with Insomniac Folklore in Roseburg, OR.  I tried out a song I haven’t played in years on a guitar I haven’t played on live since the Nashville Flood and have been re-aquatinting myself with.  This photo was taken of Dr. Folklore just before I went on.  He was probably singing something along the lines of “Kids listen to your parents but don’t trust the government.  That’s just a good idea.”  A super fun.  It’s clear why those crazy anarchist conventions always want to have hime around 


Dr. Folklore

This is all I can muster for now.  Where did all my words disappear to?  Well, more sooner than later