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Archive:  March 7, 2013

I write this from the living room of my best friend, Whitney Williams. Around me Chelsea & Joel Wilde (of Minor Birds) are packing their things and getting the van ready for our jaunt out to San Diego to play our next show. Last night was Hotel Cafe, a beautiful space, and kind staff. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.
Good news! Over the last 2 days our Kickstarter was fully funded! I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed and let you know how kind it is for you to have invested in our art. The art table has been a HUGE hit. Every day we have someone coming up and playing with the typewriter or going through everything and marveling at the different pieces we have on display. That has so much to do with you and we really appreciate it!!! There’s still an hour left on the Kickstarter so if you bid last time and it slipped your mind this time around you still have a minute to do it!
So we’re 7 days in and about to migrate through the middle of the state on our way to ten whole days in Texas. Crazy. But so exciting. We can not wait to see all of you.
And yesterday marks a first for me! I spent some time at my friend Amanda Bear’s fashion design studio, working on finding and fitting me for a dress to wear for my video shoot in Austin! We’ll be working on Muevete and it was so amazing of her to loan us one of her fabulous pieces for the shoot! You can find her at – Please go and check out some of her designs. She also designs lingerie and is a wonderful person. If you came out to her house show with myself and Gayle Skidmore last year you know how amazing she is!

That is me in the studio trying the dress on 

Well, we’re now in a hurry and the band is waiting for me to get my stuff together! So I should head out. But thank you again!!! You are lovely people and I can’t wait to see you!!!! More photos to come!
Here’s a list of tour dates!!!

Thursday, March 7 San Diego, CA – House Show TBA w/ Special Guest Gayle Skidmore

Saturday, March 9 Albequerqui, NM – Orchid Chamber

Sunday, March 10 Amarillo, TX – The 806

Monday, March 11 Lubbock, TX – Robbie Sanders House

Tuesday, March 12 SxSw

Wednesday, March 13 SxSw – VIDEO SHOOT FOR MUEVETE!!

Thursday, March 14 SxSw

Friday, March 15 SxSw

Saturday, March 16 SxSw – Cobra Studios – w/ Special Guest Insomniac Folklore!

Monday, March 18 Houston, TX – Brasil Cafe w/ Special Guest Dewveal

Tuesday, March 19 Denton, TX – J&J’s Pizza

Wednesday, March 20 Wichitah, KS – Vertical Violet w/ Special Guest Insomniac Folklore!

Thursday, March 21 Little Rock, AK – Vinos

Friday, March 22 Nashville, TN – The Anchor

Tuesday, March 26 Cincinnati, OH – Southgate House w/Shiny and the Spoon.

Wednesday, March 27 Columbus, OH – Kobo Live with Weight of Whales and William Reach

Thursday, March 28 Buffalo, NY – Kickstarter House Show – Thanks Patrick!

Friday, March 29 NYC, NY – Pending

Saturday, March 30 Cleveland, OH – Market Street Wine Bar

Sunday, March 31 Detroit, MI – Pending

Monday, April 1 Chicago, IL – Elbo Room Lounge 9pm w/ Special Guest Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne

Tuesday, April 2 Omaha, NE – Louis Bar & Grill w/ Special Guest Orion Walsh

Wednesday, April 3 KC City – TBA

Thursday, April 4 Denver – TBA

Friday, April 5 Ft. Collins – Pending

Saturday, April 6 SLC, UT – Kilby Court w/ Special Guests TBA

Sunday, April 7 Boise, ID – Pending

Monday, April 8 Boise, ID – The Red Room w/ Brown Shoe & St. Helens

Wednesday, April 10 Seattle, WA – Pending

Thursday, April 11 Olympia, WA – Pending

Friday, April 12 Nuclear Winter Ball @ The Bird House to celbrate the end of the tour (Possibly GRIMM viewing) – Kat Jones will not be performing but she will be dressed to the nines 

Saturday, April 13 – Longview, WA – Pending w/ Special Guest Paul Mauer

Tuesday, April 16 – Al’s Den w/ Matt Hopper (minor birds will not be playing this show)

Wednesday, April 17 – Medford, OR – TBA

Thursday, April 18 – Fresno, CA – TBA

Friday, April 19 – San Francisco, CA – TBA

Saturday, April 20 – Sonoma, CA – TBA

Sunday, April 21 – Sonoma, CA – TBA

Tuesday, April 22 – Sacramento, CA – TBA

Wednesday, April 23 – Sonora, CA – TBA (FINAL SHOW OF THE TOUR!!!!)
See you there!!!
Kat Jones