Just As I Had Closed My Eyes For Bed… Oh Crap! I Didn’t Blog…

October 24, 2010
Well, I almost failed the blog challenge today.  It might be bound to happen sooner or later (blogging every day when your life is swamped in hard!).  But I remembered.  Just barely.  Anyways… I am putting in the minimal amount of words today.  Which is 160 according to our pre-set rules for the challenge.


I woke up pretty early for me, after a night of not really sleeping, got dressed, and went to the Artisan Festival at Edgehill Village.  Highlights for me were watching the music portion of the festival, and also playing it, but I especially loved watching Bex and Audra do their first installment for their new dance company, Fall.

I wasn’t there too long before I had to go leave for work.  I didn’t even get to say, “goodbye” to the music festival promoter.  Who happens to be my ex-boyfriend and the fella I moved out to this city to marry.  We are, very luckily, still friends.  🙂

Tomorrow, flea market.  I am really looking forward to it.  There.  170 clocked.  Sorry to be such a disappointment tonight kids.  I promise to bring the goods next week.