Lousy With Back Pain. Lousy With Cures.

Well, I have spent the greater part of an hour trying to get rid of some pretty crappy back pain that’s be following me around since Saturday.  It’s been humorous to say the least as, at Andrew’s house to record scratch tracks for the new album I took several opportunities to lay on the floor while he made jokes or set up microphones.  Or I just sat in my chair complaining about October’s being a foggy time of the year for me.


Recording completed for the day, I then went home to eat before consuming the muscle relaxants that Andrew gave me, take the hottest bath of all time, and sit in the most oddly contortionist position I can imagine getting myself into (thanks to yoga master Rachel Mathenia) with ice packs resting firmly down my pants.  I wondered for a moment what I would do since I am not watching computer generated moving images (or television) until the beginning of November and realized I’d placed book 11 of A Series of Unfortunate Events firmly beside me for this very same awkward moment and began reading.

That brings us to this moment now.  This very line.  Which reminds me of this:

This image is a current costume for girls who want to dress as Pizzazz from The Misfits for Halloween.  If that’s not the slutty version of a costume I don’t know what is.  And though I like it in THEORY… it’s just too… what’s the word I’m looking for here… maybe it’s the girl who’s wearing it… “Hustler Hollywood” for me.

But something lovely that I discovered is a list of every outfit of every character from every episode of Jem EVER.  Which is badass.  I like people very much for being so methodic in their search for useless knowledge and information so that my mental database of useless knowledge and information can just overflow with rubbish.  Rubbish which I quite enjoy.  You can look at that HERE.

And having said all that.  This is my favorite Pizzazz wardrobe from Jem (below right).

I don’t think I have this particular collection of clothing so

that I may dress this way.  BUT… I am also inspired by GASP… this image of Pizzazz Memorabilia (left):

I am also very inspired by a post someone else mentioned in conjunction with this picture on the left and someone playing her in a movie.  When I saw the image I instantly thought it was a brilliant choice.  I can’t say I am a fan of her music at all but I still think it’s a compelling idea.  AND I have to say that her outfit is going to be heavy in the inspiration department as I forage through my own clothes and think about fabric to buy in leu of a costume.  Ladies and gentlemen.  Lady Gaga:

I should probably say that this association came from THIS GUY.  It just reminds me of everything I love about getting dressed.  I absolutely ADORE the process of thinking every piece of clothing through methodically.  I always have.

Alright – With all that having been said, I am now going to read up on the Beaudelaire adventures and hope that THIS time they make it unscathed and that their parents are alive and well and hidden in a vault somewhere.  Unable to reach them or save them.  Or that Count Olaf becomes a nice guy!

Oh!  Also – Thanks to you guys:  when you search “Jem & Misfits Costume” in Google – my website comes up on the first page.  I mean – I guess it’s not totally random that this would occur, but I certainly didn’t expect my website to come up as I was looking for costume inspiration 🙂

I am also sure you’re bored of all this Jem talk and tomorrow I will figure out something exciting to say.  For now I’ll just blame the muscle relaxants 🙂