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Archive:  October 27, 2010
Last night was an interesting one.  I am still amazed at the position I had contorted myself into so that I could free myself of back pain.  And I remember last night that I was thinking, “Crap.  It would be awesome to have a room mate or someone here to help me out with that and lavish me in their approval right now, because this is all really weird and I’d rather be laughing about this with someone right now than doing this on my own.”  But there I was… in the strangest position I’ve ever found myself in (and I’m an admittedly strange girl), ice down my pants, and reading a book and no one to share that moment of hilarity.


And then I woke up this morning to discover a huge felled tree in the back yard that knocked out my fence and made it absolutely necessary to fix the double bolt on my door, realized I would be walking Daisy at least 3 times a day for the next 2 months because she no longer has a back yard to languish in, and began to pout.

I just felt so frustrated that I’m living alone and don’t have a lot of protection in case something went really wrong.  And then I got a text from a friend asking if he could use my spare bed for the next week.  I realized at this point and am continuing to realize that I was being a dumbass.  I am totally and utterly provided for.

I mean seriously.  If I have wanted to live with people I have been doing it for the last 2 months.  I’ve only had week long breaks between each visitor.  Bex, my mom, my friend Britt, now 2 other friends visiting back to back?  All except my mom have been last minute decisions (because I haven’t been too sure of my living situation post flood) but I seem to be in a season where I need to be around people a lot.  And I am.  Only today did I realize that I have been complaining (in prayer) non stop that I am alone all the time.  And only today did I realize that I’m alone just enough and around people just enough.  And that everyone I’ve been around (except my mom really) are extroverted and need their space too.  Hard to get when you have a spare bed but not a spare room.  So I find myself accusing myself of being a whiney little wimp these last few months.  When the flood happened I had over 10 people helping me at a time, I had a place to stay, I had friends to hang out with, I had my community.  And goodness gracious:  I certainly do not lack community.  As a matter of fact many of my friendships are growing to that place of depth where I am overwhelmed by my love for them whenever I am around these people.  For it to be happening in mass! whenever I am around groups of people – that is such a blessing.

And now for the sappy portion of this note (I recognize that I’ve been sappy this whole post):  My good friend Claire is moving away from Nashville tomorrow.  She came into the Family Wash to say good-bye to me and we were trying to figure out how and when to see each other next and we both almost cried as she was leaving.  Dang girl… I love you tons.  Thanks for specializing in badassery, and being a strong-willed woman, who can break down in the middle of a restaurant with me.   You are a beautiful artist and a great friend and I can’t wait to hang-out soon.  If YOU ever need a place to stay don’t hesitate to ask.  I will understand if you hesitate because you need a dog sitter 😉

🙂  There.  That’s as close to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as I will ever get.