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Archive:  October 11, 2010
These are the first days of fall.  It is late afternoon in Nashville, TN and I am sitting on the landing outside of my front door.  The leaves are falling off the trees and in the background I can hear the whizzing by of cars, my dog chasing squirrels on the fence around the house, and the neighbor’s dog; sad and chained to a tree in their backyard.


The last month has been insane.  My friend Bex (whom I am now employing as my keyboardist) moved into town at the beginning of September, she stayed with me for her first 2 weeks in town and she left only to be followed shortly afterward by a visit from my mother.  My mom left town only to be followed shortly by a good friend of mine who has been tour managing or doing music tech with for the last couple of years for some very nice fellows.  One of my best friends got married last weekend. And to top it all off I met one of my musical heroes for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  I knew it would be a crazy month when it started.  I just did not realize how crazy it would be until I was totally immersed in it.

Today I am not feeling very inspired in regards to words but I am feeling VERY inspired in regards to the future.  So inspired in fact that today I will begin booking a tour.  And so – if you are interested in any dates in California or the west coast for a Christmas tour or a new years tour in the southwest… I am your woman.  It will be solo as I’ll be driving my father’s car across the country or likely be renting something for the northwest dates and flying into California.

You can get a hold of my booking agent, Suzanne Greenhill at .  And if you live somewhere else and are interested in me coming to your town for a date of the Christmas tour please contact her there.  I have much more to say but it’s still in process.  So I will talk to you all very soon.

Next year is the last year before the end of the world.  Let’s make the most of it 😉