Justin Harvey Has Challenged Us To A Duel. I Have Accepted. Blog Challenge DAY 1.

Archive:  October 18, 2010
I realize that I use this opening line often, and this month I will change this state of affairs I promise but: I am sitting in my best friend Kelly’s kitchen. Typing my blog rapidly onto my Blackberry so as not to miss out on today’s blog challenge. The goal is that myself and my closest Nashville friends are to blog every day for a month. This challenge is daunting. We have a few visual artists, a ninja, web designers, dancers, aerial dancers, and fancy pants people in general, whom I LOVE immensely and find superbly interesting. I hope you will as well. As we begin to get the blogs up and rolling I promise to link you to them. I am interested in the challenge because I think it will be very difficult to keep up with it every day and actually post something worth reading without being overly self centered. So here we go. It wasn’t an exciting entry. But this is my first blog of the challenge. Most likely it will be music related. I am actually looking forward to the venture and seeing how we all interlink.


Hahahaha!!! In before midnight!!!!!! Muahahahahhahahahahah!!!!! 🙂 Kat Jones – Over and Out!