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Archive:  January 30, 2013

My dog is sleeping at my right side next to the couch I presently recline on in my Portland home.  She’s been whining at me all evening in regards to her not being allowed on this very couch, for great reason, I might add.  I suspect roommates break the rules every once and a while… I won’t bother to disclude myself from that statement thought I know I’m not alone in this and perhaps not the primary offender… and so when we are sticklers in regards to these rules about the couch it makes Daisy really quite sad.  Poor thing.

It’s been a long but good day and I am growing weary.  However, I wanted to post before I fell off to sleep, or curled up to finish Pride & Prejudice.

Things are good.  Really really good.  I am making deeper friendships in Portland, I have a place to stay with roommates that I love and can securely say love me in return, my dog is happy, and I am in the middle of quite a shift professionally.  My days and nights are filled with music, with practicing, with writing new songs, with art in general, with film, and with words.  Last week was my first show trying out a duo with Tyson Kingrey.  He’s been playing in the band for almost a year now but we’re stripping things down for a moment to re-invent what Kat Jones & The Prophets are.  It was a really fun show and here’s a video of a new song I wrote when I moved into the house.   Click the guy below to see that 

You Got My Head Tied Up In Knots

At present I am enjoying getting ready for touring with my friends Minor Birds from Sonora, CA.

Chelsea and Joel from Minor Birds are good friends that I have known for years and years.  Last summer we decided to do this tour to SxSw and I mentioned to Chelsea that I thought she would really hit it off with Gayle Skidmore.  And they did in a big way.  So it will be fun to re-connect with Gayle at different junctures in this tour as well.  As a matter of fact, I’ll be seeing quite a few friends.  My good friend Bobby Spangler, who engineered the new album to be known as “Dear Apocalypse” and is remastering “La Rosa, La Calavera” for me is getting married.  Weirdly, and without former planning, it appears I will actually be in his neck of the woods for the wedding.  So I get to go!  Felicity!  The drummer for “Dear Apocalypse” is also going to be at SxSw with my friends Dewveal and as we are picking up a few shows with them in Texas there will be a little hanging out that I look forward to.  Not to mention being in Nashville and going to the Soul night at the 5 Spot with my friend Bex.  I really look forward to this tour!  Both Chelsea and Joel designed great posters for the tour as well.  Here’s Joel’s version:

Poster By Joel Wilde

So far the tour is shaping up well.  We have some holes to fill but I am excited about the way things are panning out and I have to say that musicallyI think the Minor Birds and Kat Jones tour might be the best match I’ve ever toured with.  So much so that we’ve concocted an idea to turn what would be a musician’s merchandise table into an art table.  I am really looking forward to it.  And don’t worry, I can’t divulge too much get, but even if we’re not coming to your side of the US or the world, you will still be able to buy what we’re selling.  For starters, we are going to have a Kickstarter for the tour to help us offset the cost of making so much art over such a short amount of time.  You will be able to pre-order a great deal of what we’re taking with us!  The rest I can’t speak of just yet.  But I am pretty excited about all of it.

I am looking forward over the next couple of months to re-mastering and gaining the rights to, my last full length album, “La Rosa, La Calavera.”  I will be redoing some of the art-work as well.  As I’ve been exploring some of the photos that didn’t get used for that art work, I have discovered some really pretty items.  I am looking forward to walking down those memories again.  And so it’s been hour after hour of listening to the album and re-imagining what it should sound like, as well as re-imagining the album artwork.  The first 200 copies will be hand made by me, numbered, and signed.

Next I’ll be releasing a “Lava Buddy” with a digital download.  It’s not a pet rock and I love the way I describe it on our Kickstarter page.  But it’s my answer to releasing a cassette with a digital download.  Only this piece will be a slice of kitch art you can display in your room.  Also limited edition and hand numbered.  PLUS!  The download that comes with it will be your first taste of the new album.  The first single I am releasing will be a song called Muevete.  I sing parts of it in Spanish (or – Mexican really – I was harshly criticized by one of my best friends, who speaks Spanish the way Spaniards speak spanish and I had to explain that my pronunciation was due to the way I had heard the word spoken in California by migrant workers and that I was going to stick to that pronunciation) and I play a variation of flamenco guitar.  I recorded the song with Sebastian Rogers, here in Portland.  We had a wonderful time and this lovely gentleman named Skip came to play cello on the record.  Never before have I had someone do a call and response with my voice through their instrument.  It was lovely and I can not wait for everyone to hear the finished product!

So those are three very great things.  I’m about to away to bed.  But!  You should know that any day we’ll launch the new Kickstarter page so please be on the lookout for that!  I will have new reasons for you to pay attention almost every day that is running.  It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks with lots going on.

Also – Since we’re in the middle of booking a tour I will give you a list of the dates we have and the dates we don’t yet have.  Please help us out if you can or if you want us to come to your town let us know.  Anything that says TBA on it can be swayed this way or that, so give us a heads up as to your ideas!    I look forward to seeing all of you this year!

Also!  Keep your head in the game.  I’ll be going on tour with Catherine Feeney this year  There’s a great documentary on the page about the making of Catherine’s new record, “America.”  It’s a fantastic record and her music is very inspiring.  Plus you get to see Sebastian Rogers work a little bit.  They are married.  I love watching them work together.    I met Catherine and Sebastian at a show that I played with them and Chris Caserez from Hanford, CA was backing me up on guitar.  We had a great time and have forged a friendship out of that show.  I love them all.  Plus Catherine plays with one of my favorite drummers in town.  Watching him play makes me want to jump out of my seat and sit behind him like a weird freak to see if I can absorb his movements.  

It’s also likely I’ll be playing a series of shows with Joshua Hoke.  He’s on his first tour now.  So if you have some time to stop by one of his shows, he’s a lovely young gentleman.

That’s it for now.  Here’s those tour dates I promised.  Addresses and the like can be found on the Tours page.  

Contact Suzanne at to fill the open dates or if you have questions 

Thursday, February 15, 2013 – Portland, OR – Thorne Lounge w/ Insomniac Folklore!

Nuclear Migration Spring Tour w/ Kat Jones & Minor Birds

Wednesday, Februaruy 27 – Sonoma, CA – TBA
Thursday, February 28 – Sacramento – Old Ironsides w/ Reggie Ginn
Friday, March 1 – Fresno, Ca – Fresno Brewing Company w/ Brother Luke & The Comrades
Saturday, March 2 Visalia, CA – TBA
Sunday, March 3 San Francisco, CA – Brick and Mortar Music Hall
Tuesday, March 5 SLO, CA – TBA
Wednesday, March 6 Los Angeles, CA – Hotel Cafe w/ Special guest Gayle Skidmore
Thursday, March 7 San Diego, CA – TBA
Friday, March 8 – Phoenix, AZ – TBA
Saturday, March 9 Albequerqui, NM – TBA
Sunday, March 10 Amarillo, TX – The 806
Monday, March 11 Lubbock, TX – TBA
Tuesday, March 12 SxSw
Wednesday, March 13 SxSw
Thursday, March 14 SxSw
Friday, March 15 SxSw
Saturday, March 16 SxSw – Cobra Studios – w/ Special Guest Insomniac Folklore!
Sunday, March 17 San Antonio, TX – TBA
Monday, March 18 Houston, TX – Brasil Cafe w/ Special Guest Dewveal
Tuesday, March 19 Dallas, TX – TBA
Wednesday, March 20 Wichitah, KS – Vertical Violet w/ Special Guest Insomniac Folklore!
Thursday, March 21 Altus, AK/ OKC – TBA
Friday, March 22 Little Rock, AK
Saturday, March 23 Nashville, TN – TBA
Sunday, March 24 – Nashville, TN – TBA
Monday, March 25 Day Off
Tuesday, March 26 KY – TBA – TBA
Wednesday, March 27 Columbus, OH – Pending
Thursday, March 28 Ohio – TBA
Friday, March 29 Detroit – TBA
Saturday, March 30 Chicago – TBA
Sunday, March 31 Madison – TBA
Monday, April 1 Des Moines – TBA
Tuesday, April 2 Lincoln/Omaha – Pending
Wednesday, April 3 KC City – TBA
Thursday, April 4 Denver – TBA
Friday, April 5 Ft. Collins – Pending
Saturday, April 6 SLC, UT – Kilby Court w/ Special Guests TBA
Sunday, April 7 Boise, ID – Pending
Monday, April 8 Day Off
Tuesday, April 9 Olympia – Pending
Wednesday, April 10 Seattle – TBA
Thursday, April 11 Eugene – TBA
Friday, April 12 Nuclear Winter Ball @ Kat’s House to celbrate the end of the tour

Tuesday, April 16 – Portland, OR – Al’s Den – w/ Matt Hopper

Friday, April 26 – Olympia, WA – Reality


Alright – Now I am headed off to dream land