The Kat Jones & Minor Birds Kickstarter is LIVE!

Archive:  February 3, 2013

Hey Everyone!
I hope this email finds everyone extremely well. I’m going out tonight to see My Brightest Diamond play so I’ll make this note quick. I just wanted to let everyone know that the Kickstarter package for Kat Jones & Minor Birds Nuclear Migration Tour went live today.  We did a lot of work to make the incentives for this project really special (including a re-release of my last alubm, La Rosa, La Calavera (feat. Richard Swift from the Shins!) and a single from my new album called “Muevete”. I get recued by birds in that song. So please check it out! 
I’m off. Have a great evening everyone!

Here’s a link to the project!

See you soon!
Kat Jones


Poster by Chelsea Wilde of Minor Birds