The Sounds of Exhaustion

Archive:  February 12, 2013

Hi everyone!

I hope this letter finds you all well.  You will find me very well but also very tired.  Just as I closed the chapter on my winter, off-season income, Minor Birds and I launched a Kickstarter page! and I got selected to be an extra on GRIMM!  I am very excited about both.  Happily, as I have a lot of work to do on the tour and a lot of practicing to do to get ready for next week’s show at The Thorne Lounge in Portland, shooting for GRIMM drew to a close today and it was a GREAT time.  I was surprised to discover that I’ll have pretty prominent placement in the episode (provided that editing doesn’t leave me on the cutting room floor entirely).  The episode I will be on is “Episode 17:  One Angry Faucsbaux.”  I wonder if I’ll get to see it if I’m on the road when it comes out?  Hmmmmmmm.  Anyhow, here’s some proof I was there.  I have a gag order in regard to anything about the episode, so please forgive the lack of further details.


Anyhow… now that we’re done I can end that distraction and move back to what really is my heart:  Music.   I am happy to announce that a couple of days ago Trevor Rodgers from the band the Clumsy Lovers posted an interview he did for me a while back.

The man was kind enough to sit on it until our Kickstarter launched.  But now that it has he’s been helping us promote a little bit.  Feel free to look around.  I loved the interview, he had great questions (a bunch of my friends contributed to one of my answers) and is a very nice gentleman.  You can listen to his band HERE.

Now:  I am going to start featuring incentives for our Kickstarter.  We worked sooooo hard on coming up with really good incentives and this one I am especially eager to promote.  It’s the Kat Jones “LAVA BUDDY.”  And here is a link to a video to explain it by yours truly.



Kat Jones Wants To Help You Help Her Guide You Through The Apocalypse


I’m going to be ready for a vacation once the tour prep is finished.  About 16 hours of work a day have led to complete and total exhaustion.  I thought I was tired after the GRIMM shooting… oh no… I was not.  But neither am I complaining.  It’s a joy to be working so much.

Anyhow… We only have 4 days left for you support our Kickstarter page.  And a common question we’ve been coming up against is “How Do I Get More Than One Incentive?”  Basically, you can choose the amount that you end up giving us.  Just let us know through the page which incentives the money goes to and we’ll make sure you get it!    A couple of people have done this so far and it’s a great option as there are soooo many cool things available on the page.  Like this:

By Chelsea Wilde

This is Chelsea Wilde’s amazing GORIGAMI that she designed. You can make your standard origami swan look like a pterodactyl!!!! And she’ll send you a pre folded swan in case you feel the package is too precious to open and use. It’s a genius design and one of the many things we’ll have featured on our art table!!!

I am pretty excited.  I have been pouring plaster mould after plaster mould to make the skulls that I’ll be selling with the re-mastered version of “La Rosa, La Calavera.”  I am pretty excited about that.  And tomorrow I will be taking a trip to Mt. St. Helens to excavate the lava for the Lava Buddies that I’ll be making to sell as a single for the song “Muevete.”  The first single off of the new album, “Dear Apocalypse.”

I have not had a busy season like this in YEARS and I’d forgotten how it makes one feel or the intense desire to sleep for a week that hits in the middle of a long work week.  But I’d have it no other way.  I just have to figure out how to be kind to myself in the middle of all this.  Maybe I’ll take myself to a $2 movie tonight at the Academy.


BTW… if you share the Kickstarter page with your friends let me know.  Both Minor Birds and I will send you a free song. Mine is a demo for a brand new song that I recorded in my back yard in August and Minor Birds have a single that they have just released at that you’ll get a free download of!    Here’s the link:


It looks like the tour is almost finished with booking.  Again, if you’d like to grab the $300 Kickstarter incentive for the house show please email me at and we’ll route the tour to you if we can.  There are some open slots on the tour… so just give me a heads up   We can make it work, I am sure of it.  Here are the updated tour dates.  We’ve tied up almost all the loose ends so I’ll let you know as soon as we have all that.  If you need more information: addresses, etc…. Just click on the SHOWS link on my website and you’ll see all those details as I get them, if we have them 

Wednesday, Februaruy 27 – Sonoma, CA – Epicurean Connection

Thursday, February 28 – Sacramento – Old Ironsides w/ Reggie Ginn

Friday, March 1 – Fresno, Ca – Fresno Brewing Company w/ Brother Luke & The Comrades

Saturday, March 2 Sonora, CA – The Greater Good

Sunday, March 3 San Francisco, CA – Brick and Mortar Music Hall

Wednesday, March 6 Los Angeles, CA – Hotel Cafe w/ Special guest Gayle Skidmore

Thursday, March 7 San Diego, CA – House Show TBA w/ Special Guest Gayle Skidmore

Friday, March 8 – Phoenix, AZ – TBA

Saturday, March 9 Albequerqui, NM – TBA

Sunday, March 10 Amarillo, TX – The 806

Monday, March 11 Lubbock, TX – Robbie Sanders House

Tuesday, March 12 SxSw

Wednesday, March 13 SxSw

Thursday, March 14 SxSw

Friday, March 15 SxSw

Saturday, March 16 SxSw – Cobra Studios – w/ Special Guest Insomniac Folklore!

Sunday, March 17 San Antonio, TX – TBA

Monday, March 18 Houston, TX – Brasil Cafe w/ Special Guest Dewveal

Tuesday, March 19 Denton, TX – TBA

Wednesday, March 20 Wichitah, KS – Vertical Violet w/ Special Guest Insomniac Folklore!

Thursday, March 21 Tulsa, OK – Pending

Friday, March 22 Little Rock, AK – TBA

Saturday, March 23 Nashville, TN – Pending

Sunday, March 24 – Nashville, TN – TBA

Tuesday, March 26 Cincinnati, OH – Southgate House w/Shiny and the Spoon.

Wednesday, March 27 Columbus, OH – Kobo Live with Weight of Whales and William Reach

Thursday, March 28 Buffalo, NY – Kickstarter House Show – Thanks Patrick!

Friday, March 29 NYC, NY – Pending

Saturday, March 30 Cleveland, OH – Pending

Sunday, March 31 Detroit, MI – Pending

Monday, April 1 Chicago, IL – Elbo Room Lounge 9pm w/ Special Guest Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne

Tuesday, April 2 Omaha, NE – Louis Bar & Grill w/ Special Guest Orion Walsh

Wednesday, April 3 KC City – TBA

Thursday, April 4 Denver – TBA

Friday, April 5 Ft. Collins – Pending

Saturday, April 6 SLC, UT – Kilby Court w/ Special Guests TBA

Sunday, April 7 Boise, ID – Pending

Monday, April 8 Boise, ID – Pending

Wednesday, April 10 Seattle, WA – Pending

Thursday, April 11 Olympia, WA – Pending

Friday, April 12 Nuclear Winter Ball @ The Bird House to celbrate the end of the tour (Possibly GRIMM viewing) – Kat Jones will not be performing but she will be dressed to the nines 

Saturday, April 13 – Longview, WA – Pending w/ Special Guest Paul Mauer


Thanks everyone for your continued support.  I’m going to go take a nap 



Here’s a picture of my dog sleeping during the long drive home from my last tour in September.  She’s not coming along this time.  I already miss her sweet face